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It's time to say rat deterrence
instead of rat extermination

Before electronic-based rat deterrence, people used the term "rat extermination". Rat deterrence requires professionalism, experience and innovation. Rat control is not an easy task, mainly because rats are known for their high survival skills. In fact, they are the smartest of all the rodents. Due to their high learning skills, they rarely repeat their mistakes. They will rarely taste the same poison twice, and that's why chemical extermination is ineffective. As a result, new methods must be used to remove rats from specific areas.

Durable in all
weather conditions

Complies with all relevant standards

Developed and manufactured in Israel

Research-tested & proven

Solar energy powered

Clean & aesthetic design for all surfaces

100%-effective bird control solution

User-friendly solution

UV resistant

Innovative design for all building types

Why deal with dead rats when you can simply banish them?

The damages caused by rats are some of the most severe damages caused by pests. Rats tend to chew electric wiring and communication cables, and can cause short circuits and even fires. Rats love dwelling in warehouses, offices (especially in areas with a low built-in ceiling), and in restaurants and other place where food is treated, including barns and coops.

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So why choose a rat deterrence system over rat extermination?

Magnor's electric pest control systems are installed by a certified technician, who makes sure to tailor the system to the specific location in order to ensure high rat deterrence performance. For the most part, rat deterrence uses different electronic elements that make the environment intolerable for rats. As a result, the rats simply go away very quickly. The system's continuous operation makes sure the rats don't come back and re-dwell. Electronic systems can even treat hard-to-reach areas such as plaster walls, double walls, wooden houses, and more.

RS 1800 Rat Shield

From a wide range of rat removal solutions, Magnor's electronic rat control system provides the best long-term results.

The advantages of rodent deterrence

The most significant advantage of the rodent and rat electronic deterrence system is the fact that it is an ultrasonic system. The system uses high-frequency sound waves that rats are sensitive to, and that force them to vacate the area.

These waves are in no way harmful to animals or the environment, which is not something that can be said about poison and chemical-based rat extermination.


Rat Deterrence Q&A

How can rats be deterred?

Magnor offers a wide range of systems for rat deterrence, which use electronic means and are 100% poison free. These systems use harmless elements that create a hostile environment for rodents, thus forcing them to leave. The rodent deterrence system has many advantages, and does not used poison in any way. The electronic solution is more effective than chemical solutions, and provides protection for many years without the need for ongoing maintenance.

How are rats exterminated?

Rats can be exterminated via poison. This is a very ineffective method, because rats avoid eating the same poison again and again. This is why Magnor's innovative rat deterrence is such an effective solution. The system uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves that force all rats in a certain area to flee.

What repels rats?

Rats avoid repeating the same mistakes, like eating the same poison twice. This is why chemical extermination isn't so effective when it comes to rats. Rats learn not to repeat their mistakes, and that's why people are looking for more innovative methods – like Magnor's ultrasonic system, which emits high-frequency sound waves that prompt rats to leave the area.

Is Magnor standard certified?

Yes. Magnor complies with the standards of the Standards Institute of Israel and is certified for electronic pest control.

Is there a warranty for rodent deterrence?

Magnor provides a 5-year warranty and more for its system and its system efficiency.

The ultrasonic speaker: Magnor's system prevents rodent damage in server rooms and communication centers

The Rat Shield RS-1800 is an innovative electronic system that uses ultrasonic waves to deter rodents and rats. The system was specifically planned for server rooms, communication centers and large areas with extensive wiring. RS-1800 deters rodents from entering areas where it is installed, and prevents damages caused by the chewing of cables and wiring.


System advantages:

  • Can operate up to 180 end units (ultrasonic speakers)

  • Comes with a user-friendly touch screen

  • Can connect to a building monitoring system and provide alerts regarding system or end unit faults

  • Has test mode for post-installation examination

  • Designed for simple installation (Plug & Play)

  • A modular system that fits large sites with vast cables and wiring

  • Designed and manufactured in Israel by Magnor

  • Ensures 100% rat & rodent protection

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